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The Brompton Philosophy

The Brompton Philosophy

“The Brompton was conceived as a product that increases people’s independence and freedom, and this concept is still at the heart of everything we do; so we make bikes that our customers can rely on wherever and whenever they use them.

We believe that this approach should inform the way we act, not just what we make, and that it should extend, through our distributors and dealers, to the end user. Everyone involved should feel comfortable with the purchase they make and satisfied that they had freedom of choice.”

Our Philosophy demands the following:

  1. To offer only products which have real practical value; to avoid developments and designs whose principal appeal is superficial and unlikely to be genuinely useful.

  1. To take great care over every detail in design ad manufacturing; so that our bikes not only ride well, but can also be effortless folded, carried and stored.

  1. To provide well-informed, honest ad accurate information about our bikes, and to avoid exaggerated claims for their merits.

  1. To position Brompton products as versatile tools that can enhance people’s lives, not as ingenious gadgets or fashion accessories.

  1. To promote Brompton products in a non-aggressive manner and to avoid disparaging competitors’ products

  1. To look after Brompton customers, whether their bikes are old or new, and to provide service beyond what they might expect.

  1. To treat failures, mistakes and problems as opportunities to promote goodwill and build the brand.

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Photo Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Photography by Brian Jones

Photo Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Photo Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Photo Gilles & Cecilie Studio

Photo Gilles & Cecilie Studio

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BBike vince il Brompton World Championship 2013 come migliore squadra!

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QUANDO: 14 settembre

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Brompton Urban Challenge Napoli

QUANDO: 14 settembre, ore 15.30 (iscrizione entro le 15)


DOVE: stand Milano Cicli @ Napoli Bike Festival, Laghetto di Fasilides, Mostra d’Oltremare di Napoli, ingresso Vle Kennedy

ORGANIZZAZIONE: Milano Cicli (Napoli)

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